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 Kite Surfing is one of the most dynamic water sports sweeping the world today. It uses the combined skills of kite flying and board riding. Whilst considered an extreme sport and is spectacular to watch, it is relatively easy to learn. It is accessible to all ages, both males and females. All instructors at Kite Boarding Perth are International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) qualified and can take you from your first kite flying experience to advanced board riding skills, jumps and tricks.



                                       NO GROUP BOOKINGS

Intro Lesson

If you have never flown a kite before or you just want an insight into what kiteboarding is about, an Intro Lesson at $60 for one hour will give you a taste of flying a power kite. You will learn how to use a training kite, which is the first step that you will need to take when starting in this sport. In the intro lesson you will be using a 2 or 3 metre Ram Air training kite, learning basic kite flying skills. This lesson is highly recommended if you have never flown a kite before.

Training Kite

Prior to undertaking any kite boarding lessons it is essential that you have a thorough understanding of how to fly a training kite. You will need to purchase, hire or borrow a training kite and fly it for at least 10 hours before you start any kite boarding lessons. The best place to fly a training kite is at the beach in the afternoon when the seabreeze is blowing.

Without a basic understanding of how to control a training kite, you will not be able to control a much larger and more powerful kite boarding kite. This will make it dangerous for you to begin kite boarding lessons and will increase the time you will need to spend with an instructor. It you attempt to begin lessons without these basic kite flying skills you will find that you will require a greater number of lessons, significantly reducing your value for money.  

Kite Boarding Lessons

Once you have mastered flying a training kite, you will be ready to move on to a real kite boarding kite.
We have a range of packages available. You may be starting out from scratch or you may have had lessons previously. Pick one of our flexible packages that best suits your needs!

2 Hour Package $220.00
4 Hour Package $420.00
6 Hour Package $600.00

Kite Boarding Shops 

You can purchase a training kite and all kite boarding related equipment from;

Hold The Line Kites, Phone 9387 5676

Action Sports WA, 9245 3884


All packages are one-on-one with an instructor; there are no group bookings. You will have dedicated attention from your instructor throughout all of your lessons. Whilst in the water your instructor will be providing you with precise instructions through the use of Headzone Radio Helmets.

Due to the physically and mentally demanding nature of the sport each session is normally taught in a two hour block. However, if you feel you are up to it, the 6 hour package can be run as two 3 hour sessions.

All equipment is supplied, and all you will need to bring is your usual beach attire such as hat, sunglasses, sun cream, water, towel, bathers/ wetsuit ... and a sense of adventure!
Lessons are conducted in the ocean at Mullaloo Beach, with a "no wind - no charge" policy.

Skill Levels
Learning to kite board is broken up into three skill levels. On average, it takes about  2 hours to learn the principles behind how to achieve these skill levels (you will need to practice these skills after your lessons to become proficient). The skills that are taught within each level are:

Level 1

  • How to choose a safe kitesurfing location
  • How to identify wind speed/direction
  • Correct equipment choice for you and the conditions
  • Wind effects, turbulence, aerodynamics
  • 3D wind window - what it is, how to use it when kite flying
  • Setting up and packing up your equipment
  • Safety principles, including quick releases
  • Kite skills
  • Assisted launching and landing of kite
  • Self launching and landing of kite

Level 2

  • Water relaunch
  • Self rescue
  • Body dragging
  • Board recovery
  • Water start

Level 3

  • Priority rules
  • Board riding
  • Going upwind
  • First jump

Learn with a friend


If you would like to learn with a friend your packages can be run simultaneously. This means that you both purchase the same type of package and turn up for your lessons at the same time, this will effectively halve the amount of time spent on the theory per package. Not only will you then enjoy extra time focusing on the practical skills, but you will have the techniques reinforced by watching your friend during their one-on-one instruction – including avoiding their mistakes!


Advanced Lessons


Advanced lessons cost $110 an hour. If you have a particular skill you need to refine, or you are just stuck at a certain point and can’t progress, then this one-on-one lesson will help you out.

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are available for any occasion. You can purchase an intro lesson, any of the packages, or a single hour lesson. When redeeming gift vouchers, upgrades are available to any of the packages on offer.



Lessons are conducted 7 days a week in the afternoon once the seabreeze starts blowing and will continue right up until sunset.
Bookings are essential.

If you would like to make a booking please send an email outlining the days that you are available and the time that would be most suitable for you.

Please ensure that you have training kite experience prior to booking any kite boarding lessons
Training kite experience will ensure that you get the best value for money from your lessons.

For all booking enquiries please click here.


Although not compulsory all students are encouraged to join the West Australian Kite Surfing Association (WAKSA) to help continue promoting a safe an enjoyable sport. You will also be provided with Public Liability Insurance and access to a number of WAKSA social activities and events.

WAKSA is the representative body for the sport in Western Australia and is affiliated with the Australian Kite Surfing Association (AKSA).

Frequently Asked Questions

At Kite Boarding Perth our number one priority is safety. You will take away with you a complete understanding of all the safety aspects involved with this sport. The speed and rate of progression depends upon you - as kite boarding safety is paramount, we will not progress to the next level until you are 100% comfortable (and confident), with the skills you have learnt.

Kite Boarding Perth has been operating at Mullaloo Beach in the Northern Suburbs of Perth since 2002. Rob Gannon the principal instructor is a qualified Level 2 Senior IKO Instructor and has a nationally recognised Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Rob has taught people from all walks of life, of differing nationalities, and various skill levels.

To ensure the highest quality of the lessons provided at Kite Boarding Perth all of our instructors have been taught personally by Rob and have gained an internationally recognised qualification through IKO, your instructor will be a local who lives and kites in your local area - you will not be taught by a backpacker!

For general enquiries you can call Rob on 0412 997 264, for all booking enquiries please click on the bookings link to send an email to 'bookings at'.


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